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2019 3D Challenge Winner: Shreya Patki

Canada Makes was honoured to present Shreya Patki from University of Windsor her award for 1st place finish in the 2019 3D Challenge.

Below is an excerpt from her Business Case:

This is a finger-hand brace design that helps people with EDS, the elderly and others who need joint support and help with fine motor movement. The mainbrace design is based on the design of a ‘pill bug’. The pieces overlap each other so that the pieces resist backward finger movement yet allow for the fingers to curl. Beyond this basic concept, a feature that has been incorporated is the reconfigurability between only a finger brace and whole hand brace using only a couple extra bands and a wrist piece. This helps provide extra support when needed. The use of 3D printing allows for complicated patterns (as seen on the wrist piece) unlike braces currently available. As well, using additive manufacturing reduces the amount of time, waste and is more sustainable way to produce this design rather than using conventional manufacturing. Overall, this design is functional, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

Read Shreya project here!

Congratulations Shreya and we look forward to our new submissions for the 2020 3D Challenge to be announced soon.