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Design for additive manufacturing: Guidelines & case studies for metal AM

The Government of Canada recently commissioned the Fraunhofer Institute to deliver a report ‘Design for Additive Manufacturing (AM) – Guidelines and Case Studies for Metal AM’. The goal of the report is the help Canadian companies and researchers take advantage of existing knowledge in metal AM… more

Download the full report here.

Case Study: Topology Optimisation & Additive Manufacturing of Actuator Support Fitting

The following is a case study of an aircraft bracket built on an EOS M280 in Aluminum AlSi10Mg optimized with Altair to improve the original design. The geometries used can only be achieved through Additive Manufacturing (AM).

Download the full case study here.

Optimize your design for Additive Manufacturing

By Arian Rayegani – Additive manufacturing is one of the most versatile methods of manufacturing as it can be used to create complex parts with great…

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