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AMM announces partnership with Dimanex, a global enterprise for distributed 3D manufacturing

Additive Metal Manufacturing Inc. (AMM), a Canada Makes member company, is an independent Canadian 3D Printing metal service provider announced it is expanding its on-demand Electronic Warehouse replenishment capabilities by partnering with DiManEx, a Dutch Company that provides a cloud-based, end-to-end service for distributed 3D manufacturing.

This is ideal for manufacturers and parts intensive companies. The digital supply platform can be accessed remotely to initiate the production of parts with the click of a button.

AMM’s President, Norman Holesh said, “technology is now allowing companies to free up large amounts of working capital by printing parts on demand rather than filling warehouses with parts in anticipation of a demand that may never materialize.”

The Electronic Warehouse provides new solutions to existing supply chain dilemmas. A lot size of one is now a reality and broken or lost tooling a nightmare of the past.

A notable partnership was announced recently with the Royal Dutch Army, that is embedding additive manufacturing systems within its Land Systems programs and to support the missions of its Material Stock Logistics Command. They’ve already run a successful pilot on an active combat vehicle for which they’ve been able to solve problems for spare / service parts which were no longer available or had become obsolete after buying more than needed to satisfy Minimum Order Quantities.

Colonel and Head of Innovation at the Dutch Army, Robert Meeuwsen, has said, “This proves that 3D printing and other Additive Manufacturing (AM) techniques are ready for regular business operations. We hope other organizations will be open to taking this new route as well.”

‘We’ve only seen the beginning pf the impact additive manufacturing will have on industrial supply chains across the globe, supplying any part anywhere with a simple click of a button,” said Tibor van Melsem Kocsis, founder and CEO.

About Additive Metal Manufacturing Inc
AMM is a Product Design Consulting, Rapid Prototyping, Additive Metal Production independent service bureau located in Toronto, Ontario.

About DiManEx
DiManEx is a global enterprise platform for distributed 3D manufacturing. Unlike an open marketplace, we provide a dedicated cloud-based end-to-end service. Our smart platform and service combined with strong global partnerships provide the best customer results and experience.

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Dimanex – www.dimanex.com
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