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Canada Makes Announces first ever winning team for the 3D Challenge

Waterloo, Ontario May 22, 2018 – Canada Makes is very pleased to announce the first ever recipients of the Canada Makes 3D Challenge award. The team of Lisa Brock and Yanli Zhu from the University of Waterloo and their design of biodegradable packaging made from mushroom roots best met the criteria of the Challenge, Design solutions for a sustainable future.

“We had contestants from PEI to BC with wonderfully innovative designs and if ideas like this years winning entry is any indication of future designs Canada will most certainly be a World leading innovator in additive manufacturing,” Frank Defalco, Manager Canada Makes

The award was presented during the first Conference of NSERC Network for Holistic Innovation in Additive Manufacturing (HI-AM) at the University of Waterloo.

Winning team of Yanli Zhu and Lisa Brock of the University of Waterloo with Frank Defalco of Canada Makes

Students were asked to focus on creating innovative tools or products that reduce our environmental footprint using additive manufacturing in tandem with conventional manufacturing approaches.

Lisa Brock and Yanli Zhu proposed the design of biodegradable packaging made from mushroom roots and agricultural waste using binder jetting additive manufacturing. The packaging design was created by optically 3D scanning the object. Approximately 10% of materials used in additive manufacturing can be recycled into new plastics, and the rest are disposed. The options for disposal are landfills and incineration, both of which increase the amount of greenhouse gases. Therefore, new biobased biodegradable materials must be developed to decrease the negative environmental impacts of these additive manufacturing plastics. https://youtu.be/XKU-BHKuGZI

We thank all participants of the first ever Canada Makes 3D Challenge. The finalists were; Gitanjali Shanbhag and Issa introduced a design for light-weighting a helicopter tail designs for the tail boom of Airbus H13. Ken Nsiempba submitted a redesign of an internal boat tail support bracket. Nathaniel Claus offered a ONE BIKE concept that allows bikes to transcend limitations set by current production trends through a convertible parts system. Haley Butler is working on developing a potato starch-based plastic 􀂡lament that is suitable for 3D printing. See the finalists’ presentations. canadamakes.ca/canada-makes-3d-…eo-presentations

Renishaw Canada, Burloak Technologies, Altair, Precision ADM, AMM, CAMufacturing, Innotech Alberta, Cimetrix, CRIQ and ISED.

We would also like to thank our partners for their support, without it we would not have been able to make the Canada Makes 3D Challenge a reality.

About HI-AM
The NSERC/CFI HI-AM Network has been conceived to work on innovative solutions to address the challenges associated with metal AM processes/products and to equip Canada for the era of Industry 4.0 and “digital-to-physical conversion.” All HI-AM Network participants meet once a year to present their research findings to the other research teams within the Network and the representatives of our industrial partners. Hosted by a different institution each year, the conference provides a great networking opportunity for the graduate students and PDFs to get to know their colleagues – future additive manufacturing experts of Canada! conference.nserc-hi-am.ca

About the 3D Challenge
Canada Makes holds a yearly Pan-Canadian 3D Printing Challenge for any postsecondary students enrolled in a Canadian college or university. Students in Canada can help change the World with a new idea that uses 3D Printing and win cash prizes and a chance at one of two one-year paid internships! The adoption of digital manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing requires new approaches to skills and training focused on building experiential and collaborative learning. To foster this objective, the Canada Makes 3D Challenge will challenge university/college teams to design a part and compete for a full one-year paid internship from a Burloak Technologies. canadamakes.ca/events/canada-makes-3d-challenge/