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Canada Makes – Canada’s Premier Additive Manufacturing Network

On behalf of the Canada Makes network, thank you for participating in this important initiative. As part of our organization’s ongoing commitment to ensuring Canadian industry is on the cutting-edge of technology and innovation, we have developed Canada Makes in order to directly network additive manufacturing companies with vendors and educational institutions.

Canada Makes is designed to facilitate dialogue through a series of events at academic institutions and industrial facilities. Participants will have the opportunity to respond to issues of the day as well as share their experiences related to additive manufacturing. Canada Makes is not targeting a particular policy, regulation, or program change, but rather it is a forum for business collaboration, and a way to find solutions to major industry challenges.

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I sincerely thank you for your participation, insights, and support of this critical initiative. We look forward to working with you to strengthen Canada’s additive manufacturing community.


Martin Lavoie

Executive Director – Canada Makes

View an interview with Martin Lavoie in the following report on 3D printing Note: (Most of this video is in French)