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Canada Makes launches Metal Additive Process Guide

OTTAWA – Canada Makes is proud to announce the launch of its Metal Additive Process Guide. Easy to use, interactive with concise information, this guide is designed to assist small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in adopting metal additive manufacturing (AM) to their process.Metal Additive Process Guide

“Canada Makes’ primary goal is to assist industry in adopting additive manufacturing and the Metal AM Process Guide does exactly that” said Martin Lavoie. “Canada Makes will continue to build tools and deliver programs that advances Canada’s AM sector.”

During the delivery of Canada Makes’ IRAP-NRC Metal AM Demonstration Program many of the participating SMEs shared common questions and concerns. Using this knowledge Canada Makes built the Metal Additive Process Guide to help answer questions and teach SMEs about this rapidly emerging sector. “SMEs need to be innovative to stay competitive and this program and the guide de-risks the first try at metal additive manufacturing,” said Lavoie.

The guide is not designed for the experienced user of metal AM but rather the SME looking for quick straightforward answers. Often SMEs interested in metal AM have innovative ideas they would like prototyped by a service bureau, which might necessitate a non-disclosure agreement. This inevitably slows the process towards AM adoption. The guide will help speed up the understanding of AM capabilities benefitting all stakeholders in Canada’s AM sector. “Time saving is a major advantage in the adoption AM processes versus traditional manufacturing,” added Lavoie. “SMEs receive the answers that bring them closer to adopting metal AM.”

Canada Makes looks to continue to partner with IRAP-NRC to develop additional tools that will help expand the knowledge base for Canada’s manufacturing sector.

About Metal AM Demonstration Program
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) is partnering with NRC-IRAP Materials and Manufacturing Sector Team (MMST) to deliver the Metal AM Demonstration Program. The goal of this program is to help Canadian companies determine the feasibility of integrating metal additive manufacturing processes to their current applications. The program offers funding for eligible companies to receive metal 3D printed a sample part.

Note: This guide only covers the laser powder-bed process and no other metal AM technologies, which are currently available such as Electron Beam melting (EBM) process.

View the guide here.