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Canada Makes 3D Challenge

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Canada Makes holds a yearly Pan-Canadian 3D Printing Challenge for any postsecondary students enrolled in a Canadian college or university. Students in Canada can help change the World with a new idea that uses 3D Printing and win cash prizes and a chance at one of two one-year paid internships!

The first Canada Makes 3D Challenge concluded May 2018. Stay tuned for the next one!

The adoption of digital manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing requires new approaches to skills and training focused on building experiential and collaborative learning. To foster this objective, the Canada Makes 3D Challenge will challenge university/college teams to design a part and compete for a full one-year paid internship from a Burloak Technologies.

Theme: Design solutions for a sustainable future

Description: Additive manufacturing is empowering new ways to re-think design and fabrication through innovative materials, optimized structures and enhanced functionality. There is currently a drive to think about how our society is changing in the wake of population growth and sustainability concerns. Canada Makes invites student designers to participate in the 3D Design Competition with a focus on creating innovative tools or products that reduce our environmental footprint using additive manufacturing in tandem with conventional manufacturing approaches.

Such examples include (and are not limited to):

  • lightweight structures or new designs of automotive or aerospace components that reduce overall weight and fuel consumption
  • innovative components that optimize fuel or energy consumption
  • energy harvesting devices with innovative features
  • multi-purpose objects that simplify everyday life and reduce waste
  • wearable tools or objects that enhance mobility efficiency and reduce waste

Registration Process (Closed)

Student/Team (no more than 3 students per team) will submit the following:

  • Cover sheet
  • 150 word description/summary
  • STL files and source files from any CAD program
  • An image of the current product design (if applicable) and a detailed description of the changes
  • Business case (800 word):
    • Justification of the product redesign, value added as measured by reduced
      • Time to produce
      • Cost impact
      • Sustainability
      • Energy consumption or renewable energy generation
      • Reduced materials
      • Promoting green design
    • Participants should define the unmet need in society or explain the waste in current solutions
    • Precisely what is being proposed
    • Why it is am improvement over existing products

Judges will choose the top 5 finalists and Canada Makes will arrange to fabricate their designs to be showcased at a final event in the spring of 2018. The finalist/teams will receive a $1000 cash prize and a chance at one of two one-year paid internships at Burloak Technologies.

The Challenge will have clear winning criteria and be judged on the merit of their application.

Submitted designs will be evaluated via simulation, and the top five designs will be selected for fabrication and testing based on the required criteria. The winning entries will best satisfy all of the performance criteria.

Phase I – Participants will submit a design based on the provided criteria. These designs will be analyzed and evaluated via simulation with the top finalists announced, recognized and awarded their prize of $1,000. Deadline for for submissions is EXTENDED to March 10th, 2018.

Phase II – The top five finalists will have their design fabricated and tested, and will be invited to either make a live or video presentation and have a chance at more prizes including a chance at one of two one-year paid internships at Burloak.

Renishaw Canada, Burloak Technologies, Altair, Precision ADM, AMM, CAMufacturing, Innotech Alberta, Cimetrix, CRIQ and ISED.



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Eligibility Rules and Submission Guidelines

Terms of Acceptance

Responsibility for Submission


Contact: Frank Defalco frank.defalco@cme-mec.ca

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