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Metal Additive Manufacturing Demonstration Program

The Metal Additive Manufacturing Demonstration Program is delivered by Canada Makes through funding by NRC-IRAP. The program is designed to help Canadian industries increase awareness and assist in understanding the advantages of the metal additive manufacturing (AM) technology. The program focuses on additive manufacturing technologies such as laser powder bed such as Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), Laser Direct Energy Deposition (LDED), electron beam (EB) and others. Canada Makes works with a group of additive manufacturing experts who provide participating companies guidance of the advantages and business opportunities in terms of cost savings and efficiencies of AM.

The program will also demonstrate the ability to produce low volume parts for many applications including the repair of high performance/low cost tools, dies and plastic and composite moulds for stamping, forming, trimming high strength alloy steels.

Canada Makes will assist in assessing the market needs of manufacturers of obsolete parts, legacy inventory, tooling users and manufacturers (SMEs and larger corporations) that produce commercial and military legacy parts. This will include the repair of tools, dies and moulds used to produce parts. The result will create awareness and encourage the adoption of AM technology and improve Canada’s manufacturing and exporting sectors global competitiveness, resulting in new technology skills and increased employment opportunities in Canada.

Project Objectives:

This feasibility study project has the following specific objectives:

  • Identify and engage NRC-IRAP eligible companies with local ITA’s who are interested to undertake a feasibility study of laser additive manufacturing for their application needs.
  • Preparation of a template task for a description of a standard research of a coupon demonstration unit to demonstrate Laser Additive Manufacturing process to suit their application;
  • Identify manufacturing companies to explore the advantages of Laser Additive Manufacturing for improving their respective awareness for applications or tooling;
  • Identify the companies’ common needs for researching the process in design, manufacturing of selected tools to apply Laser Additive Manufacturing technology for required specific purposes;
  • Meet selected companies to outline the application design – supply material for test coupons- deposition of Laser Additive Manufacturing to demonstrate its microstructure material, hardness and mechanical strength for component, tooling and mold applications; and,
  • To increase the confidence and awareness of manufacturing companies in applying Laser Additive Manufacturing for specific tooling.

Small to medium-sized (SME) companies will form the majority of the businesses identified by the project. Under the current challenging economic conditions and with strong competition from low-cost countries, SMEs are interested in adapting advanced manufacturing technology to improve their competitiveness. NRC-IRAP’s financial support will enable CME and SMEs to organize this project to build the momentum within the region to allow companies to see the advantages of Laser Additive Manufacturing technology and improve the Canadian manufacturing industry.Metal Additive Process Guide

Use Canada Makes’ Metal Additive Process Guide to learn more about adding metal AM to your process.

If you are interested in the program, please contact
Frank Defalco
(613) 875-1674

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