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Nanogrande officially launches the MPL-1 a nanoscale metal powder 3D printer

Montreal, December 3, 2018 – In presence of more than fifty guests, the president and founder of Nanogrande, Mr. Juan Schneider, officially unveiled the MPL-1, the world first metal nanoscale 3D printer. Built around its patented technology – the Power LayeringTM – to form particle layers, MPL-1 makes nanotechnology accessible to a whole new market by opening the door for additive manufacturing.“We believe this new approach to 3D printing is a revolution that will allow us to set new industry standards,” said Schneider. “The Power LayeringTM allows the MPL-1 to use particles of any shape, size and type. We can use particles as small as a nanometer, but also particles of 5 microns, which is the size the industry is currently looking for, while maximizing the compaction of particles.”

Juan Schneider, president and founder of Nanogrande. Frank Defalco Manager Canada Makes.

“This is a special announcement as Nanogrande is the only company manufacturing a metal powder additive machine in Canada,” said Frank Defalco Manager Canada Makes.”We look forward to working with Nanogrande to help develop new AM applications using this exciting new technology.”

The high level of particle compaction achieved by the Power LayeringTM, as well as the size of the particles, considerably eliminate the needs for support structures typical of 3D printing. This way, there is a noticeable reduction in post-printing costs. In addition, Nanogrande can offer its particles at a lower cost because the process does not require expensive spherical particles.

The founder of Nanogrande also took the opportunity to congratulate his team for their hard work and the many sacrifices for the start up. The development of MPL-1 took several years of work.
“Today we are witnessing the culmination of a long process of research and development that has given us the chance to set up a team that generates many innovative ideas,” said Schneider. “Alone, it is possible to have excellent ideas; but, as a team, we can bring these ideas to life. I am very pleased to highlight the success of the efforts of the people who work for Nanogrande.”

Nanogrande develops and produces for the leading manufacturers the first nanoscale 3D printer to meet their needs for solutions for the manufacturing of microparts and high precision components.
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