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Nanogrande Unveils The First 3D Printer For Nanometer Metallic Particles

Juan Schneider, president and founder of Nanogrande and the MPL-1

Atlanta, November 6, 2018 – Mr. Juan Schneider, President and founder of Nanogrande, a Canada Makes partner, officially unveiled the MPL-1, the world’s first nanoscale metal particle 3D printer at Fabtech 2018 in Atlanta. Using an innovative approach to form particle layers, MPL-1 enabled with the Power LayeringTM technology, breaks down the barrier of materials and opens new horizons for additive manufacturing with true creative freedom.

“Power LayeringTM, while maximizing particle compaction, allows MPL-1 to use particles of all shapes, sizes and types,” said Nanogrande’s president. “With this approach, we can easily print with particles as small as a nanometer, but also particles of 5 microns, what the industrial sector is currently seeking. At this size, the particles stick to each other, virtually eliminating the need for support structures typical to 3D printing. In this way, there is a considerable reduction in post-printing costs. ”

Mr. Schneider also took the opportunity to congratulate and thank the team he put together at Nanogrande for developing the MPL-1. It took years of hard work and dedication to achieve this result.

“Today we are witnessing the culmination of a long process of research and development that has given us the chance to set up a team that generates many innovative ideas,” said Schneider. “Alone, it is possible to have excellent ideas; but, as a team, we can bring these ideas to life. I am very pleased to highlight the success of the efforts of the people who work for Nanogrande. ”

Nanogrande develops and produces for the leading manufacturers the first nanoscale 3D printer to meet their needs for solutions for the manufacturing of microparts and high precision components.

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Nanogrande supply micro-manufacturers with their cutting edge 3D printers and custom made consumables. Nanogrande is revolutionizing the additive manufacturing industry by bridging the gap between technologies. Using their unique POWER LAYERING™ patented process, they enable unprecedented range in scale and material. https://nanogrande.com

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