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Precision ADM Receives ISO13485 Medical Device Certification

Precision ADM

Canada Makes partner Precision ADM Inc. is pleased to announce that it is the first Canadian metal Additive and Subtractive manufacturing services company to receive ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System certification. This industry standard represents the comprehensive set of requirements for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

Implementing this standard enables Precision ADM to manufacture medical devices, such as Orthopaedic Implants, using the latest digital manufacturing technologies. Using these technologies, Precision ADM can lower production costs by reducing waste and decreasing time to market by simplifying – or eliminating – tooling and equipment.

Additive Manufacturing also makes it possible to produce custom, patient-specific designs and devices with complex geometries, with potential lower cost than traditional manufacturing methods. Precision ADM is currently targeting additively manufactured medical devices produced in materials such as Titanium, Cobalt-Chrome, and stainless-steel alloys.

“Achieving ISO 13485 Registration and Certification using both metal Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing methods for Medical Devices is a first for any Canadian AM services company,” said Martin Petrak, CEO. “We are proud of our team’s accomplishment in achieving this significant milestone and are excited to work under this quality system with our existing and new clients.”

Dale Kellington, General Manager, added “The design and manufacturing controls this Certification demands gives our medical device customers the confidence they need that our manufacturing output will meet their stringent requirements. Our experience in product innovation and validation testing through our parent company, the Orthopaedic Innovation Centre, gives us a unique perspective on medical device manufacturing.”

“The expertise and experience our engineers possess give us the ability to solve the complex issues facing the medical field today,” said Derek VanDenDriessche, Director of Medical Sales.

EMV vehicle goes metal additive with Canada Makes & Precision ADM

Battery box cap

Battery box cap

Additive manufacturing is changing how we build things and electric vehicles in how we go places. For these reasons they are often referred to as ‘disruptive technologies’ so combining them is sure to offer some interesting possibilities. This recently happened when Canada Makes, Precision ADM, and Electra Meccanica Vehicles (EMV) partnered on an additive manufactured battery box end cap for an electric automobile.

“The Metal Additive Manufacturing Demonstration Program allowed EMV to start exploring metal additive manufacturing capabilities and I’m very excited to expand our working relationship with additive manufacturing technologies,” said Jerry Kroll CEO of EMV.

The Battery box cap part was manufactured using titanium (Ti64ELI) on Precision ADM’s EOS M290.  “We thought titanium would be the best material for its strength to weight ratio,” said Martin Petrak, CEO and President Precision ADM. “It allowed a reduction of the wall thickness by half therefore reducing the weight while maintaining the parts strength and stiffness.”

“The Part was delivered to spec and installed on a prototype in less than two weeks,” stated Frank Defalco, Manager Canada Makes. “This project highlights two of the main appeals in adopting additive manufacturing. The time saved receiving a working metal prototype, which speeds up new products to market, and significant weight savings of parts when designed for additive manufacturing (DfAM).”

“Using our advanced training in DfAM from EOS, we are able to use these design rules to help clients save on the build times and material cost,” added Petrak. “Designing for Metal AM is new tool in the tool box for Advanced Digital Manufacturing, that more and more companies are now investing in.”

Canada Makes’ Metal Additive Manufacturing Demonstration program recently completed its third round of funding and is pleased to report that over 50 Canadian companies participated last year. A new round of funding is currently being negotiated for the coming fiscal year.

The Metal Additive Manufacturing Demonstration Program is funding by NRC-IRAP and is designed to help Canadian industries increase awareness and assist in understanding the advantages of the metal additive manufacturing (AM) technology. Canada Makes works with a group of AM experts who provide participating companies guidance of the advantages and business opportunities in terms of cost savings and efficiencies of AM.

About Electra Meccanica Vehicles Corp.
Electra Meccanica strives to be the driving force behind sustainable transport by creating the compelling mass market, all-electric SOLO. The vehicle will make the urban commute more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The SOLO’s futuristic design is powered by a 16.1 kWhs lithium ion battery and the drive system is tuned for higher speed and mobility. With a range of 160kms (100 miles), and a top speed of 130kms/h (80 mph), the SOLO delivers superior performance and spirited driving. electrameccanica.com

About Precision ADM
Precision ADM is a contract engineering and manufacturing solutions provider that uses additive manufacturing (3D Printing) as a core technology. Precision ADM has created a full Advanced Digital Manufacturing hub from Design to Engineering, to Manufacturing and finishing.  Complimented by multi-axis machining capability, PADM identifies, develops, and manufactures high value components and device applications for the medical, aerospace, energy and industrial sectors. PADM is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. www.precisionadm.com

About Canada Makes
A Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) initiative, Canada Makes is a network of private, public, academic, and non-profit entities dedicated to promoting the adoption and development of additive manufacturing in Canada. For more information on Canada Makes, please visit www.canadamakes.ca

Media contact:
Frank Defalco at frank.defalco@cme-mec.ca


Canada Makes announces new leadership partnership with Precision ADM

Precision ADM 3D printed heat exchanger

Precision ADM 3D-printed heat exchanger

May 4, 2015 – Canada Makes is proud to announce a new partnership with Precision ADM, a division of the Orthopaedic Innovation Centre (OIC) focused on advanced digital manufacturing for medical and aerospace applications. Winnipeg-based Precision ADM will function as a leading member in the Canada Makes network, which is dedicated to promoting the adoption and development of additive manufacturing (AM) in Canada.  “We are pleased to welcome Precision ADM into the Canada Makes community,” said Martin Lavoie, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters’ (CME) director of policy for manufacturing competitiveness and innovation. Precision ADM“As Canada’s advanced manufacturing sector evolves it is vital that we connect industry leaders like Precision ADM with other leaders in the AM field.” Medical and aerospace sectors represent some of the highest market potential for the adoption of additive manufacturing, meaning a partnership between Canada Makes and Precision ADM will accelerate Canada’s implementation and commercialization of additively manufactured products. “Additive manufacturing allows engineers and surgeons at OIC to design medical devices that will allow for patient specific solutions in ways that were not possible with conventional manufacturing methods,” said Martin Petrak, president and CEO of OIC Inc. Canada Makes recently sat down with Dale Kellington, VP of Product Development at Precision ADM, for a Q&A session:

Dale Kellington

Dale Kellington, VP Business Development at Precision ADM

Tell us about Precision ADM and the organization’s mandate and vision. Precision ADM, Advanced Digital Manufacturing, is a place where knowledge and understanding ofthe large variety of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies exists.  We understand which AM technology is best for a given application, along with what post processing will be needed to achieve a final, functional end product. With a strong focus on metal and polymer AM parts for medical and aerospace applications, Precision ADM endeavours to find the two-part design and manufacturing solution that best meets the material, quantity, quality, and cost characteristics required for a given specific application. Our vision is for a strong group of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to start up in Canada where AM is the manufacturing method that gives them the strategic ability to meet niche market needs in a highly flexible and profitable manner.  These companies can focus on market research and product requirements while we help them achieve the requirements through AM design and manufacturing. How does Precision ADM fit into the Canada Makes network? Canada Makes provides the national network to assist startups and SMEs to develop and manufacture their products using AM.  Precision ADM will be a vital part of this network by partnering with companies that are ready to go past the prototype. We can help guide them through product design and development toward a manufacturing solution that allows them to create a profitable and flexible company. What role do you see Precision ADM playing in the medical and aerospace sectors? How will that role evolve in the future? When it comes to manufacturing high-value, high-requirement medical or aerospace parts with metal or polymer AM you need a team of experts available to make the metallurgy and mechanical characteristics acceptable and reproducible, to understand the regulatory environment of the end products with respect to AM, and to scale manufacturing production as the product market penetration grows. Precision ADM will provide this team to startup and SME organizations within the Canada Makes network so that the organization can use their initial investment towards market research and penetration activities that will make them healthy in the long term. Experts believe the market for AM will grow to $21 billion USD by 2020 from $4.1 billion USD in 2014.  As this happens, Precision ADM wants to ensure that Canada is equipped to capture its market share in areas that offer the highest return on investment through scaling our application knowledge and manufacturing capabilities. How will the growth of Canadian advanced manufacturing benefit Precision ADM and vice versa? By helping to grow a large group of healthy, profitable companies with a variety of AM end-use products developed and manufactured in Canada, the application knowledge and IP developed will ensure that Canada and Precision ADM are at the forefront of innovation.  Growth in this sector will mean an ever increasing array of opportunities to capitalize on as the nature of product design and manufacturing changes over the coming decades.

Canada Makes is a network of private, public, academic, and non-profit entities involved in advanced and additive manufacturing. For more information on partnerships and initiatives visit www.canadamakes.ca. For more information on Precision ADM visit www.precisionadm.com.