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Agile acquires iPro 9000XL SLA Production 3D Printer

Agile ManufacturingAgile Manufacturing, Inc. (Agile), a leading provider of 3D Printing & Rapid Manufacturing solutions, has announced the acquisition of an iPro 9000XL Stereolithography (SLA) Production 3D Printer.

iPro 9000XL

iPro 9000XL

This iPro 9000XL is one of only two in North America dedicated to running parts for the public. Additionally, this iPro 9000XL is the largest operating 3D Printer in Canada and an appropriate fit to Agile’s legion of production 3D Printers.

The iPro 9000XL is a giant in the 3D Printing world with a part build capacity of 59” x 30” x 22”. The iPro 9000XL quickly and economically builds ABS plastic-like parts with exceptional accuracy, surface smoothness, and feature resolution. This highly productive 3D Printer is well suited to produce extra-large parts without the need to build in sections and assemble.

“With the increasing demand for production parts as well as very large prototypes, the addition of the 9000XL to our fleet of production systems will help Agile offer the largest part 3D Printing solutions and shortest lead-times to our clients,” stated Richard Smeenk, Agile’s President.

Agile Manufacturing Inc. provides 3D Printed parts, 3D Printers and 3D Printer materials. Agile is the largest 3D Printing Service Bureau in Canada with 18 printers ranging from Stereolithography (SLA), to Laser Sintering (SLS), MultiJet Printing (MJP), ColourJet Printing (CJP), Direct Metal Printing (DMP) and Filament Deposition. With over 150,000 hours of annual 3D Printing capacity (or 4.2 billion cubic inches per year), Agile is well positioned to meet any 3D Printing needs.

Agile sells New and Used Professional & Production 3D Printers across all technologies and stocks all materials in-house for immediate delivery. Agile has been operating in the Greater Toronto Area for 12 years and serves customers across Canada and the USA with select customers on 6 continents. Agile Manufacturing’s team of 21 Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D Printing (3DP) experts is led by Richard Smeenk a 3D Printing veteran since 1996.