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AON3D joins Canada Makes

AON3DCanada Makes is very pleased to welcome Montreal based AON3D as a member. The team at AON3D developed a line of 3D printers that is a big step up for Canada’s additive manufacturing sector.

“As a Canadian OEM in the additive manufacturing space, we’re obviously thrilled to join Canada Makes. Having an initiative that connects the national AM ecosystem is invaluable, especially at a time where adoption of these technologies can be so greatly accelerated through collaboration and knowledge sharing between stakeholders. We hope our 3d printing technology and deep knowledge of material science will add a lot of value in this regard, as ‘lowering the barrier to innovation’ has always been a major driver for us,” said Leif Tiltins, AON3D Head of Business Development.

“With the launch of the all-new M2, AON3D’s line of 3D printers continues to be in a class of its own,” said Frank Defalco, Manager Canada Makes. “What is great about the M2 is its engineered and manufactured in Canada. I feels this is the new wave of made in Canada manufacturing we are seeing happen.”


AON3D’s mission has always been to facilitate creating parts that would otherwise be unfeasible – either financially, or technically. The M2 provides the essential features required for printing high performance polymers, at a fraction of the cost of comparable industrial machines.

Fully NAFTA compliant, and available to ship all around the globe, the AON-M2 supports the strongest 3D printable plastics available, including high-strength, chemically resistant, and flexible varieties.

Feel free to contact one of their engineers to discuss how the AON-M2 3D printer fits into your business application needs. hello@aon3d.com