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Canada Makes once again led a Trade Mission to Formnext in Frankfurt Germany, in November 2022!

Canada Makes Trade missions are about opening doors, gaining insights, business-to business contacts, information and tools for Canadian businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The Five-day fact-finding mission focused on additive manufacturing (AM) and offered the opportunity for attendees to meet with leading additive manufacturing companies and experts.

During this Trade Mission, we compiled a very detailed 'Insider Report' from our team of delegates.

This report was commissioned for our members to provide insight and opinion – we hope you enjoy it!


Formnext is big. 800 exhibitors over 3 days means you can’t spend more than 2 minutes on each stand if you wanted to visit them all. A lot of time is spent walking between rendezvous meet-ups – getting 10,000 steps every day is easy. Inevitably each visitor winds up sampling just some of what the show has to offer, and each through their own lens. If you manufacture printers then other hardware companies and technologies are probably seen as competitors, but if you make software or feedstock materials, they can all be potential customers. Users of 3D printing are looking for faster, bigger, cheaper solutions - and there were certainly plenty of these on display. This special report produced with the support of NGen and Canada Makes reflects a sampling experience, and inevitably much will have been missed, but for those who could not attend this year’s show the report will hopefully provide some flavour and insights from Formnext.

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for more information about Canada Makes, Please contact;

Steve Kleimaker

Director of Community Relations – Canada Makes

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