logo Metafold 3D is a Toronto-based startup that drives new applications for industrial 3D printing through *LightCycle:* our cloud-based Design for Additive Manufacturing software. *LightCycle* is a volumetric CAD platform designed from the ground up to support frontier applications of 3D printing. We specialize in lattices, metamaterials, high-surface area structures, or other high complexity geometries.

Our patent-pending technology help engineers achieve reductions of up to 85% in the amount of material required for products in energy management, medical, automotive and consumer goods. We also help them bring those products to market faster and with less cost by dramatically reducing the preprocessing, iteration and manufacturing time required. Our technology can be integrated by 3D printer OEMs to “stream” geometry directly to 3D printing hardware, eliminating a key computational bottleneck for high complexity parts.

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Phone: 6475469597

36 Fieldway Rd, 3rd Floor
Etobicoke, Ontario
Canada, M8Z 3L2
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