ReDeTec Inc.

logo ReDeTec is a Toronto based business that has created patented technology for processing plastic more energy efficiently and at improved levels of quality. This technology allows manufacturers to reclaim plastic waste – diverting plastic waste from landfill – while simultaneously reducing their GHG emissions and overall environmental footprint. The first application of this technology by ReDeTec is recycling plastic waste into customized 3D printer filament. Our technology allows those who 3D print to eliminate their waste, significantly reduce their costs, and increase their creative control.

3D printing filament – the "ink" used by 3D printers – is expensive, and limited in the material and colour choices available. 3D printing also produces a significant amount of plastic waste, in direct contrast to the sustainability initiatives most schools and businesses are adopting. Our patented technology allows our customers to save 75% of their operating costs, eliminate their plastic waste, and completely customize the filament or "ink" that they print with. We combine patented hardware and proprietary software to completely change how plastic is processed. This allows us to meet or exceed industry tolerances, at a fraction of the cost and size of traditional extrusion systems. Our first product, "ProtoCycler", brings this technology to the world of 3D printing - though many other applications in the larger plastic space exist. ProtoCycler is fully automatic, safety certified to international standards, and outperforms any other extrusion system available today.

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