Sarcomere Dynamics

logo Sarcomere Dynamics is a deep tech pioneer, revolutionizing the robotics industry by developing and commercializing a cutting-edge near-human robotic hand. We specialize in providing system integrators and manufacturers with superior alternatives to heavy, bulky, expensive, and low-dexterity end-effectors. Our ground-breaking product offers unparalleled functionality, closely resembling the capabilities of a human hand. With our exclusive actuator technology, we have created a compact, lightweight, and remarkably robust robotic hand, boasting exceptional dexterity that rivals human performance, without sacrificing grip strength. This breakthrough innovation enables our customers to automate intricate tasks that were previously considered too complex for conventional robotics. By addressing the limitations of existing solutions, we aim to set a new standard of efficiency, flexibility, and precision in the autonomous robotics industry.

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Phone: 8255220124

206 - 200 Carnegie Drive
St Albert, Alberta
Canada, T8N 5A7
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