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Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) Demonstration program completes first project

OTTAWA – Canada Makes is pleased to announce it has completed the first 3D printed metal part under its Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) Demonstration program. Datacan, a leader in designing and manufacturing high pressure gauges, working with Burloak Technologies built their new design spinner/impeller.



The part chosen for the project is a spinner/impeller to be used in a production-logging tool to measure flow. For optimum efficiency it is important the part is as light as possible allowing an quicker change of speed when a change of flow is detected. As well the part needs to be chemical resistant to improve corrosion resistance to the well fluid encountered in hostile environments.

As magnets and jewel bearings push fit into this piece, so tolerances when 3D printing need to be very tight. Past attempts at plastic 3D required the CAD file to have 0.010” bigger diameter holes the magnets and jewel bearings would not fit properly due to the plastic expanding.



This particular component was produced on Burloak’s AM250 machine from Renishaw which is dedicated to the production of Titanium components.  The components produced show the high resolution achievable with metal additive manufacturing with only minimal final machining being required.  Burloak produces metal parts in a wide range of materials including – Titanium, Aluminum, Inconel, Maraging Steel, Stainless Steel, Invar and Copper together with several industrial grade plastic and composite materials.

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) is partnering with NRC IRAP Materials and Manufacturing Sector Team (MMST) to deliver the Metal AM demonstration program with the goal of helping Canadian companies determine the feasibility of integrating metal additive manufacturing processes to their current applications.

The goal of this program is to manufacture sample parts, and determine technical and business feasibility of incorporating the additive manufacturing to a participating  companies process.

Interest in additive manufacturing is notably high, the first round of this program was completed in less  than four months and during that time CME engaged 18 different companies looking to expand and/or integrate metal additive manufacturing capabilities. Companies must be IRAP eligible clients in order to participate in this initiative. There is no cost to companies selected for the program.

The advantages of metal additive manufacturing/3d printing for companies include: extreme design flexibility, ability to manufacture hollow shapes, ability to create multi-material/multilayered structures, ability to manufacture one-off parts without any additional tooling, and many more. One of the most promising applications thus far has been the manufacturing of custom fixtures and tooling for various manufacturing processes.


About Datacan

Since 2006 Datacan has been designing and manufacturing high performance pressure and temperature gauges for use in the oil and gas sector. Datacan specializes in downhole tool and data collection solutions for extreme environments.

About Burloak Technologies

Burloak Technologies is a privately held Canadian corporation founded in 2005 and based in Dundas, Ontario.  Burloak is focused on growing their business both organically and through strategic acquisitions in order to deliver world leading solutions to their customers in the areas of 3D printing, advanced manufacturing, metrology and engineering services.