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The team from CAMufacturing Solutions returned from IMTS 2022 in Chicago with great news.The interest in additive manufacturing is strong and growing. With presence at the Mastercam booth at this year’s IMTS, we fielded questions from, and conducted demonstrations of our additive/hybrid manufacturing CAD/CAM software, APlus®, for attendees from a wide range of sectors. These included educational/research institutions, manufacturers and CAD/CAM software resellers. Attendees impressed with the live hybrid manufacturing demonstrations at machine manufacturer booths like Mazak and Phillips Hybrid gravitated towards our team to inquire about APlus’ capabilities and features that could potentially help them to bring hybrid manufacturing to their shop floors or to the next level. Our team will spend the next few weeks following up with these leads. CAMufacturing Solutions is proud to be able to represent the Canadian additive manufacturing community at IMTS 2022!


Top picture: CAMufacturing Solutions Applications Engineer, Sandy El Moghazi, conducting a demonstration of APlus® at the Mastercam booth

Bottom left picture: Phillips Hybrid building a hybrid manufacturing demonstration part, programmed with APlus®, at IMTS 2022 on their Haas UMC-750 equipped with Meltio print engine

Bottom right picture: Mazak Corp building a hybrid manufacturing demonstration part, programmed with APlus®, ay IMTS 2022 on their VC-500A/5X AM HWD

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