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In combining Rapidia's two-step AM technology and spherene's powerful sphereneRHINO software platform, the companies have demonstrated the potential for creating intricate metal structures with enhanced design capabilities. In printing a femur-styled structure, it paves the way for future advancements, enabling the production of personalized implants that can lead to improved patient outcomes and faster recovery times.

Spherene's founder and CEO, Christian Waldvogel, along with Creative Technologist Daniel Bachmann, utilized their Adaptive Density Minimal Surface (ADMS) algorithm in conjunction with the sphereneRHINO plugin to design a detailed interpretation of a femur's complex internal structure. This design was then brought to life using Rapidia's Conflux 1 metal Additive Manufacturing machine. Rapidia's two-step AM technology, involves extruding a flowable bound metal paste that is dried layer by layer. This process results in green parts with significantly less binder content compared to traditional methods, enabling shorter sintering cycles and the production of finished parts in under twenty-four hours.

While the femur-styled structure created in this partnership is not intended as a viable implant, it underscores the advantages of metal femur replacements produced through additive manufacturing. This technology allows for the customization of implants based on precise medical imaging data, leading to improved outcomes and reduced recovery time. Stainless steel alloys like 316L or 17-4 PH, which have used in orthopedic implants for years, were employed to prototype a cost-effective, durable, and biocompatible implant using Rapidia's 316L stainless steel paste feedstock. Metal femur replacements offer strength, durability, biocompatibility, and the potential for future growth in the field of orthopedics, thanks to the flexibility and complexity achievable through 3D printing.

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