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Challenge and Response: Canadian Manufacturers Creating Prosperity

BDO’s perspective on CME’s Management Issues Survey 2016

BDO Canada’s manufacturing sector forms a significant segment of the economy – producing 11% of our output each year, worth $600 billion, and providing 1.7 million jobs. Every two years, BDO works closely with the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters to produce a report that gathers the opinions, experiences, and aspirations of manufacturers across the country. Our response looks at challenges facing the sector, suggests viable solutions to help overcome them, and showcases the innovations that are already helping the industry to continue to succeed.

Download the report here

Management Issues Survey 2016

Shaping the future of Canadian manufacturing and exportingIndustrie 2030

Dear Colleague:

The world of manufacturing and exporting is undergoing a transformation. Innovation and new technologies have not only changed the nature of industrial activity in Canada, they have dramatically altered the very definition of what it means to be a manufacturer.

At the same time, Canadian businesses are struggling with profound economic uncertainty. Lower oil prices, exchange rate and equity market volatility, a slowing global economy, and new government policies aimed at pricing carbon are all impacting business and casting a shadow over future investment plans.

To effectively meet these challenges, we must first understand the core priorities of businesses and explore their outlook for the future.

I invite you to join Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) and the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition, as well as our partners Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC), BDO Canada LLP, Bombardier and Tenaris in developing a common vision and strategy for the future of Canadian manufacturing and global business.

Our bi-annual Management Issues Survey asks you about your company¹s current operations, your top challenges, and how you are addressing them in the current business environment. We want to know about the issues that are keeping organizations from growing, becoming more innovative, attracting and retaining skilled employees, and reaching new markets.

Your responses are central to informing our engagement strategies with governments as we work to build a world-class business environment for Canadian industry and strengthen our ability to compete globally.

This year we need your support more than ever. CME has undertaken an ambitious initiative called Industrie 2030. Its goal is to create a roadmap to double value-added manufacturing output and exports in Canada by 2030. The Management Issues Survey is a critical component of that initiative. Survey results will be published in combination with our Industrie 2030 action plan during Manufacturing Month in October.

Please help us help you by filling out the survey and sharing it with your network. The survey will take only 30 minutes to complete and your responses will be held strictly confidential. The deadline for completion is August 15, 2016. By submitting your email address, you will receive a copy of the follow-up report when it is published later this year.

Take the survey today, visit: www.surveymonkey.com/r/6VRP77V

Thank you in advance for your input and support.

Jayson Myers
President & CEO
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME)Colour_English-transparent

 Thank you to our National Partners:


Revolution 3D Printers Joins Canada Makes

Revolution 3D PrintersCanada Makes is pleased to welcome its newest member, Revolution 3D Printers of Sidney, British Columbia, a Canadian company that specializes in each of the main pillars of additive manufacturing: software, materials, and hardware.

“Industry is lucky to have a complete and customizable additive manufacturing solution built here in Canada,” said Frank Defalco, Manager of Canada Makes. “Revolution 3D Printers is unique in Canada in offering its customers a complete additive manufacturing package.”

“Revolution 3D Printers is Proud to join Canada Makes to grow capabilities and strength in 3D printing,” said Warren Strome Founder & CEO Revolution 3D Printers. “We look forward to collaboration among leaders from business, academia, nonprofit organizations and government agencies, providing tools and technology to industry and becoming more globally competitive.”

Revolution 3D Infinity Printer

INFINITY 3D Dual Extruder Professional 3D Printer

Revolution 3D Printers designs, develops, and manufactures their INFINITY 3D printers right here in Canada.

About Revolution 3D:

Revolution 3D Printers is a Canadian manufacturing and R&D company that manufactures 3D printers with a focus on technologically innovative product development. They provide their customers with a complete 3D printing solution.

Their R&D division has expertise on the complete 3D printing experience including hardware, software, and materials. As a company, they provide the quality and reliability that’s expected of North American Manufacturers.


About Canada Makes:

Canada Makes is a network of private, public, academic, and non-profit entities dedicated to promoting the adoption and development of additive manufacturing in Canada. For more information on Canada Makes, please visit www.canadamakes.ca

Canada Makes’ trade mission to Germany

From January 24-30, 2016, Canada Makes lead a delegation on a fact-finding mission for Canadian stakeholders in the additive manufacturing (AM) sector to visit leading German companies working in Metal AM.

The group visited OEMs such as DMG MORI, Airbus Group Innovations (the Ludwig Bolkow Campus), EOS, SLM Solutions, as well as metal service providers Hoedtke GmbH & Co. KG and FIT AG Additive Manufacturing Group.


Canadian delegates standing with an M 290 EOS at EOS headquarters in Germany

Canada Makes delegates were able to acquire a wealth of knowledge about how to improve AM competitiveness in Canada, as well as discuss some the exceptional technologies being developed in Canada. One example is Equispheres, a Canadian start-up who manufactures and markets a unique product line of ultra-high-performance spherical metal powders engineered for AM, specifically Metal AM and Cold Spray AM. On several occasions Kevin Nicholds, CEO of Equispheres, was asked in a most curious manner, “How do you do that?”

Key to the success of the trade mission was the development of long lasting relationships. These help to tear down trade barriers between countries by ensuring knowledge and awareness is shared in both directions, and products and services are more easily made available to those in need on either side.

Canadian delegates are hosted at the Hoedtke facilities.

Hoedtke hoisted a Canadian flag to welcome Canadian delegates

Canada Makes advocates on behalf of additive manufacturing while also seeking new markets, opportunities, and partners who can improve the Canadian manufacturing sector.

The trip proved worthwhile for all participants. “This trip has been fantastic,” said Gerard Peets, Director General of Industry Canada Manufacturing and Life Sciences Branch.

Many delegates expressed interest in more missions leading Canada Makes to start planning its next mission with an eye on the UK as a good next stop as well as a return to Germany and even China.

“The goal is to keep Canada competitive,” said Frank Defalco, the Manager of Canada Makes who led the trade mission. “We are building partnerships on behalf of our members that will carry Canada through these tumultuous economic times and keep our manufacturers up-to-date on the latest technologies.”

We are very appreciative of the following companies for kindly hosting our Canadian delegation and for sharing their knowledge and time.

DGM MORI in Pfronten – This was the focus of the DMG MORI Open House event at DECKEL MAHO. with an exhibition area of 7,400 m², the machine tool manufacturer showcased 90 high-tech exhibits live in operation. The highlight was the new LaserTec 65 3D machine with additive and subtractive manufacturing capabilities.

Airbus: Ludwig Bolkow Campus in Munich – The Ludwig Boelkow Campus (LBC) was founded in March 2012. The only innovation campus of its kind lies just outside of Munich and combines cutting-edge research with first-class vocational training and continuing education. In addition, it specifically aims to draw high-tech aerospace and security companies to its site. The highlight here was a visit to APWorks, which is a wholly owned Airbus start-up designed to market technologies developed by Airbus in other (non-aerospace) markets. For example, it uses additive manufacturing expertise developed at AGI in the high-end automotive sector, including F1 racing.

EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems in Munich – EOS is a world leader in powder bed laser sintering machine manufacturing. They are currently members of Canada Makes and this proved to be a most valuable stop for knowledge and relationships.

FIT AG Additive Manufacturing Group North of Munich – FIT Technology Group has specialized in innovative solutions in the field of additive manufacturing. Ranging from Rapid Prototyping to serial production, software, and hardware development. They are able to provide all services under one roof, quickly and reliably. Fit is a leading-edge contract manufacturer for additive manufacturing with impressive growth of 40 per cent since 2013.

Hoedtke GmbH & Co. KG near Hamburg – A high-quality metal fabricator established in 1937, which has been an early adopter of a number of laser technologies. Canada Makes’ interest here was their recent installation of a DMG Mori LaserTec 3D 65.

SLM Solutions GmbH – SLM is an experienced company that transformed its history in mining and metallurgy into additive manufacturing. They are an OEM of powder bed technology and are experiencing rapid growth.

Representing Canada on this mission were Canada Makes / Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), CRIQ, Equispheres, Industry Canada, Manufacturing and Life Sciences Branch, Québec Metallurgy Centre (CMQ), Ptooling, Precision ADM, Whitfield Welding Inc. and Sheridan College’s Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies.

To learn more about Canada Makes or become a member, please visit our membership page.

Canada Makes would like to thank Hendrik Taulin, Trade Commissioner Investment from the Canadian Embassy in Germany, for being a great guide and helping put together this great initiative.

Canada Makes hosted by EOS in Germany

Canada Makes’ trade mission to Germany included a highly anticipated visit to EOS GmbH Electrox Optical Systems headquarters located in Munich. With 25 years of experience EOS is one of the most appreciated companies in the Additive Manufacturing and industrial 3D printing world and is a member of Canada Makes.

“EOS’s facilities are superb and very impressive,” said Frank Defalco, Manager of Canada Makes who lead the trade mission to Germany. ” Their expertise is what make EOS such a valued member to Canada Makes and we are very pleased to have had the chance to meet with them on this mission.”


Canadian delegates standing in front of an EOS M 290 at EOS headquarters in Germany

EOS offers e-Manufacturing solutions as well as easy and cost-effective entry solutions for companies looking to enter into the world of AM.

Canada Makes was also able to visit to FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, a group specialized in innovative solutions in the field of additive manufacturing ranging from Rapid Prototyping to serial production, software, and hardware development since 1995.

About EOS

EOS is a world leading technology and quality leader for high-end solutions in the area of additive manufacturing (AM). The company, which was founded in 1989, is a pioneer and global leader in the area of direct metal laser sintering, and also a provider of a leading polymer technology. For these industrial 3D printing processes, EOS offers a modular solutions portfolio that consists of systems, software, materials, as well as technical and AM consulting services. EOS is the partner of choice for industrial AM-based production, and provides long-term solutions for industry. Customers using these solutions are able to take advantage of a technology that is heralding a paradigm shift: light-weight structures, cost reductions based on functional integration, product customization and accelerated product development and production.

About FIT Additive Manufacturing Group

FIT Technology Group specializes in innovative solutions in the field of additive manufacturing. Ranging from Rapid Prototyping to serial production, software, and hardware development: they are able to provide all services under one roof quickly and reliably.

About Canada Makes

Canada Makes is a network of private, public, academic, and non-profit entities dedicated to promoting the adoption and development of advanced and additive manufacturing in Canada. The network covers a broad range of additive manufacturing technologies including 3D printing; reverse engineering 3D imaging; medical implants and replacement human tissue; metallic 3D printing; printable electronics; 3D printing with electronics embedded, Industry 4.0, and more.

DMG Mori: Technology for the future

On January 26, 2016, the capabilities of new German technology were demonstrated to Canada Makes and Canadian delegates by DMG Mori, a leading international manufacturer of lathes, machining centres, multi-axis turning centers, and grinders who have adopted additive manufacturing technology.

The potential for additive manufacturing is being pressed from all sides by the new technology. One example is the DMG Mori Lastertech 65 3D, a 5-axis milling machine with the ability to work ten times the speed of current powder bed technologies.

“What these machines are capable of is truly astonishing,” says Frank DeFalco, Manager for Canada Makes who is leading the trade mission. “Partnerships between Canadian and German industry leaders ensures that information about these processes is flowing in both directions.”


Canada Makes delegation fronting DGM MORI’s Lasertec 65 3D

The highlights of the machine’s technical capabilities are worth note. From the DMG Mori website:

  • MILL + LASER: Full 5-axis milling machine from DECKEL MAHO in stable monoBLOCK®-design; flexible integration of a laser head by HSK-interface
  • Complete machining in milling quality with fully automated change between milling and laser operation
  • Laser deposition welding with powder nozzle: 10-times faster vs. powder-bed-process
  • Large working room for workpieces up to ø 600 mm, 400 mm height and max. 600 kg

Canada Makes’ trade mission is focused on bringing leading ideas and technologies to Canadian additive manufacturers to ensure that our Canadian economy stays connected and competitive.