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Affordable Additive Manufacturing Fosters Innovation and Competitive Advantage for Aerospace Suppliers

By Warren Strome, CEO & Founder of Revolution 3D Printers – With GE, Airbus, Bombardier and Boeing embracing additive manufacturing for prototyping, R&D and production, it’s more critical than ever that smaller aerospace suppliers secure their future position in these markets by experimenting with 3D printing capabilities now. The benefits gained from 3D printing extend beyond prototyping to practical supply chain and quality management. By implementing a cost effective, industrial grade in house 3D printer, (under $10K investment in equipment), smaller supply companies immediately gain:

1.    The ability to improve production processes with specialized 3D printed tooling, jigs and fixtures.

2.    The ability to reproduce obsolete parts, produce difficult to source parts, and replace unserviceable parts on demand, all of which leads to a reduction of overall inventory costs.

3.    Additive manufacturing design process experience.

Companies that make a small investment now will be well positioned to compete and scale their manufacturing capabilities in the near future as additive manufacturing becomes a standard production method and demand for skilled resources, increases.

About Revolution 3D:
Revolution 3D Printers is a Canadian manufacturing and R&D company that manufactures 3D printers with a focus on technologically innovative product development. They provide their customers with a complete 3D printing solution.

Their R&D division has expertise on the complete 3D printing experience including hardware, software, and materials. As a company, they provide the quality and reliability that’s expected of North American Manufacturers. www.revolution3Dprinters.com