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P&G and AMM partner with Canada Makes’ Metal Additive Demonstration Program

Procter & Gamble Belleville Plant partnered with Additive Metal Manufacturing Inc. (AMM) and Canada Makes to explore building new customized parts using additive manufacturing (AM). The project was funded through Canada Makes’ Metal Additive Demonstration Program.

“Parts can be very difficult even impossible to make with traditional subtractive machining processes,” said Haixia Jin, FullSizeRenderP&G Engineering Technical Manager. “Metal 3D printing offers an exciting alternative to commercial off-the-shelf parts that cannot achieve complicated design requirements or internal cavity geometry. Even in cases where commercial customization is available and able, it usually comes with significant additional cost or an unbearable long lead-time.”

The example piece of work is printed to serve the combined purposes to deliver fluid to designated locations with the four extended legs while minimizing disturbance to the flow that it merges in. The vast metallurgy choices also provide a wide spectrum of chemical/environmental resistance. This illustrated part was printed in Stainless Steel taking advantage of its good anti-corrosion performance.

“AMM is delighted to be partnering with P&G and Canada Makes in assisting P&G introduce 3D METAL printing into their supply chain,” said Norman Holesh, President AMM. “P&G embarked on this journey with the full understanding that to be successful, the technology must be embraced as early as possible in the design stage. This technology is neither an alternative to subtractive manufacturing nor a replacement for it but an addition to the entire manufacturing process and allows for previously unthinkable designs and a dramatic reduction in lead times.”

IMG_6928“Design rules have changed and AMM works with its customers to help them understand and embrace these changes and take full advantage of design freedom,” added Holesh

“Designing and building complex parts as well as the lead-time saved are two big advantages that AM offers users of the technology. This project certainly was an excellent example offered through Canada Makes’ Metal Additive Demonstration Program,” stated Frank Defalco Manager Canada Makes. “Canada Makes will continue to partner with Canadian companies looking to the advantages offered by having additive manufacturing as a powerful new option in creating parts previously unfeasible.”

About AMM

Advanced Manufacturing Canada
Additive Metal Manufacturing Inc. is a full-service 3D METAL printing bureau located in Toronto and assists its customers understand the additive journey from design all the way to finished printed component parts. AMM is a progressive, productive and respected leader providing integrated and advanced manufacturing technology solutions within the emerging market for AM ensuring their industrial partners have the best opportunity to excel and Take Back Manufacturing for Canada. AMM is certified with both ISO 9001 and for Controlled Goods. www.additivemet.com

About Procter & Gamble Belleville Plant
Opened in 1975, the Belleville, Ontario site now produces Always and Olay products for North America and the globe.

  • In 1984, the Belleville site started manufacturing Always feminine care products
  • The site currently manufactures the entire line of Always products, including pads, liners, Always Infinity and Always Discreet, as well as Olay Daily Facials
  • Since 2010, the site has received a prestigious manufacturing excellence award, the highest recognition among P&G manufacturing facilities

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, the site set a Guinness World Record for the largest game of “Follow the Leader” in the world.

The Metal Additive Manufacturing Demonstration Program is funded by NRC-IRAP and is designed to help Canadian industries increase awareness and assist in understanding the advantages of the metal additive manufacturing (AM) technology. Canada Makes works with a group of AM experts who provide participating companies guidance of the advantages and business opportunities in terms of cost savings and efficiencies of AM.

About Canada Makes
A Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) initiative, Canada Makes is a network of private, public, academic, and non-profit entities dedicated to promoting the adoption and development of additive manufacturing in Canada. For more information on Canada Makes, please visit www.canadamakes.ca

Media contact:
Frank Defalco at frank.defalco@cme-mec.ca