Canada Makes goal is to significantly increase the velocity of additive manufacturing (AM) activity in Canada’s emerging AM supply chain and help Canadian companies adopt this transformative technology to create high value products and skills.

Canada Makes will encourage companies to incorporate 3D printing for more than just prototyping but to include it to improve productivity and create new innovative products that without additive capability would not be feasible.

Canada Makes will help companies understand where and how 3D printing might be applied. This will enhance adoption of the technology and contribute to well-being of member companies.

Canada Makes will facilitate the growth of the adoption of AM by the Canadian industry through the execution of its mission, which should have a significant contribution to the growth of Canadian manufacturing. New capabilities introduced by knowledge of AM will allow companies to be innovative and access new markets, as well as create new highly skilled employees needed to deliver the products developed using AM.

Canada Makes will strive to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, information and business network in Additive Manufacturing. This will be accomplished by holding workshops, webinars and sharing case studies showcasing best practices in AM especially critical for SMEs who need to be agile and pivot to create new business opportunities for them to grow revenues and capabilities.

Canada Makes will lead trade missions to other leading countries in adopting AM and arrange B2B meetings to learn about the benefits in the technology. As an advocate, Canada Makes will seek out opportunities to drive government programs/interventions in support of the development and adoption of AM in Canada.

Canada Makes is an important network between the diverse regions of Canada and players using Additive Manufacturing. Currently these are:

• Users – SME manufacturers
• Equipment providers
• Material Providers
• Application & Digital Workflow developers
• Outsourcers / Service Bureau / Contract Manufacturer
• Support services providers
• Consultants
• Academia and research institutions
• NGen Technology Adoption Portal (TAP)

As a networking organization, Canada Makes will host events, physically and virtually, to help facilitate networking between industry players. These efforts will help bring in curious SMEs wanting to learn about the advantages of AM. This will be one of the central roles of the Canada Makes cluster and will help the ecosystem to flourish through meaningful collaborations and conversations between industry, academia and researchers stimulated by our forums and networking events.

The Canada Makes cluster will be an industry lead consortium of mostly companies, academic and government institutions who are currently holding 3D Printing/AM expertise or looking to adopt it in a meaningful way.

Canada Makes objective is to reach, educate and coordinate new AM projects with companies to Canada Makes members who can deliver the required expertise to solve a problem or create a new product. This will ensure that the innovative solutions developed through the R&D will meet real business needs. The cluster will pool together these resources to advance the knowledge of additive manufacturing.

• Canada Makes will offer leadership and coordination for Canada’s emerging AM ecosystem. It will be a virtual centre of Excellence offering resources to propel Canada’s AM ecosystem.

• Canada Makes seeks to collaborate with the local initiatives of various organizations across Canada into a sharing network with regional specialisation. To this end, we seek to establish shared membership, sponsorship and program development to avoid duplication of efforts and optimize the industry and governmental investment in the clusters to maximize economic benefit for Canada.

• Canada Makes is well positioned to overcome barriers that are sure to arise, agility, and adaptability as well as being an honest broker among parties at different tiers of supply chains. It is ready to lead, using experience and knowledge to move Canada’s AM sector forward. Canada Makes will build an AM ecosystem
that can better serve a Canadian economy hungry for innovation.

• Canada Makes will stimulate the networking, exchange, collaboration of information between SME manufacturer users, providers, suppliers, outsourcers, consultants, educational and research institutions interested in the field of 3D Printing innovations.

• Canada Makes will provide the transformative capability of mapping out and optimizing the use of the technology for various applicative uses, facilitated through an efficient national exchange and collaboration

• Canada Makes will be the voice of its members.


Membership dues are set based on the number of employees of a company, academic institutions is set at $1,200.

• 1 to 20 employees = $1,200
• 21 to 100 employees = $2,500
• 100 to 499 employees = $5,000
• 500+ employees = $10,000

As an additive cluster, Canada Makes will strive to deliver a value-add proposition to the complete spectrum of users. Thus, the number of potential members is significant across all regions of Canada.

As a member of Canada Makes you will have an important place in forming as well as understanding emerging trends and technologies that can help support manufacturers. Reliable information is at the heart of this cluster because without good information you cannot make good decisions